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Luxury Custom Home Building

Design Your Home With The Top Luxury Home Builder

At Eagle Luxury Properties we pride ourselves as Arizona's premier luxury home builder. We set ourselves apart from the rest of the home builders by implementing our core creative process throughout the building process. As the luxury home builder in Arizona’s finest communities, our experienced team works together with our exclusive and expansive network of construction and design professionals to take your dreams and turn them into reality. Our experience and commitment to manage your project from the ground up to its completion is what drives our cohesive team to exceed our clients every expectation. It is Eagle’s vision to build the very finest custom homes in Arizona’s luxury market, no exceptions! Perfection is what we strive for and we accept nothing less.

Imagine. Design. Create. That is the key to our creative process here at Eagle Luxury. A proven formula for 14 years that has produced many renowned luxury homes in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and throughout Arizona.

Imagine: No Limits!

The perfect luxury custom home starts with the imagination and here at Eagle Luxury, no project is too large! So start dreaming big!

During the imagine stage, you get to compile all the dream features of your home, even if they seem extravagant. The great part of the imagine stage is nothing is set in stone and as your home starts to come together, you have the freedom to eliminate or add certain aspects to the scope of the project.

As you start to collect your dream features, it is important to also consider whether or not you will be integrating technology into your home. Smart home technology or home automation will be an important factor moving into the design stage of your custom home. Technology is changing the way architects execute design. The aesthetics of your home is only a small part to creating the perfect home; the experience is where it really counts. From determining the best materials for sound acoustic optimization, to a layout that compliments home technology; creating an easy, hassle free, fun experience starts with experience design innovations.

Design: Innovation At Its Finest!

During the luxury custom home design stage, all of your included home features should be determined so they can be implemented into the design. This is when you will really start to see your dream home become a reality. Open communication and collaboration between home owner, architect, technology innovator and builder is the key to nailing down all the details: big and small. Whether you have an architect in mind already, or you choose to use one of our award-winning architecture partners, you will be involved every step of the way.

Create: Dreams Become Reality!

The time has come for you to sit back and let us do the work as you watch all the aspects of your luxury custom home come together right before your eyes. Designing the perfect home is one thing but executing the plans properly starts with a team effort. Eagle Luxury properties consists of only the best team of experienced staff that work closely together throughout the construction process to ensure no detail, big or small, is missed.

Eagle's Commitment To Our Clients

During all phases of the Imagine, Design, Create process, you can expect nothing less than the world from Eagle Luxury Properties. We are committed to:

• Teaching and guiding clients while personalizing their home
• Listening to the demands of the budget based on clients specifications, AND MEETING THEM
• Open and collaborative Communication between all professionals involved
• Delivering the project on time and on budget
• Tracking, managing, and minimizing job-site waste 
• Set selections performance expectations (flooring type, grade, paint, etc.)
• Holding the highest level of detail and quality
• Perform and deliver to meet promised construction deadlines

“A great team of competent people is the vital element in providing the highest level of service. This element assures the client a hassle free and smooth experience.” 

James R. Audiss, President

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